Saint-Laurent Penthouse

Renovation of a penthouse in Brossard. Clairoux was tasked with adjusting preliminary plans and selecting new materials to increase the property value for this penthouse renovation in Brossard.. ‎

Laurent Clark Condo

Many property owners view buying a condo as a long-term investment. That’s why it’s so important for buyers to make sure the unit meets their current and future needs. But sometimes it’s difficult for buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for in a condo, since the materials and products are selected by the developer. That’s where Clairoux comes in.

Our clients living at Laurent & Clark, developed by Rachel Julien and located in the Quartier des Spectacles in downtown Montreal, wanted to increase the property value by creating a luxury environment. They tasked us with adjusting their plans and adapting their penthouse to their specifications, by upgrading the materials, finishing choices and products.

Drawing on our expertise in high-end residential renovation, we catered the design to our clients’ requests. They wanted their condo to stand out from other units, seeking a unique space that’s perfectly aligned with their expectations.

Du Tour Residence

TYPE OF HOME Single-family Home RENOVATION DATE 2016 LOCATION Laval, Quebec Interior Designer Fredric Clairoux were entirely responsible for the high-end residential renovation of Du Tour Residence This midcentury family home in Laval has beenin the same family for several decades. Our designers were asked to preserve the soul of the house andthe memories attached […]

Saint-Donat Residence

TYPE OF HOME Single-family Home GENERAL CONTRACTOR Gilles Hamond LOCATION Saint-Donat, Quebec, Canada AREA 1400 sq. ft. RENOVATION DATE 2016 BUDGET Between $300,000 and $350,000 If you own a second residence, you know just how important it is to feel at home, even when you’re on vacation. That’s why we put so much of our […]

Lasalle Residence

TYPE OF HOME Condominiums RENOVATION DATE 2017 LOCATION Ville Lasalle, Montreal, Québec BUDGET 150 000$ As the real estate market in Montreal grows increasingly competitive, More homeowners are choosing to stay put.. Updating and renovating are appealing alternatives, particularly for families in the LaSalle borough who want to stay in the neighbourhood while enjoying a […]

Savard Residence

TYPE OF HOME Condominiums LOCATION Riviere-des-Prairies, Montreal, Québec RENOVATION DATE 2017 Our decorator Patrick was in his element in this high-end residential renovation project from Clairoux. He capitalized on a bright building with abundant natural light to create a peaceful oasis. When you enter into a project with Clairoux , it marks the beginning of […]

O’Bryan Residence

TYPE OF HOME Single-family Home GENERAL CONTRACTOR Antarès Rénovation LOCATION Notre-Dame-De-Grâce, Montreal, Québec AREA 1830 sq. ft. RENOVATION DATE 2019-2020 BUDGET 410 000$ A family of five lives in this mid-century home located in NDG. Our designers were tasked withadding rooms and preserving its history while modernizing the space into a more contemporary home. Scandi-Influenced […]

Drake Residence

TYPE OF HOME Cottage GENERAL CONTRACTOR Antarès Rénovation LOCATION Côte Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada AREA 2400 sq. ft. RENOVATION DATE 2021 BUDGET 385 000$ An urban environment can be the perfect place to raise a family. Not only is there access to a wide variety of services and activities, but there are a range of grocery […]

Pratt Residence

Drawing on our expertise in high-end residential renovation, our team of designers went the extra mile to create a contemporary and functional environment at this single-family home owned by a professional couple in Outremont.

Fotopoulos Residence

CLIENT YEAR 2018-2020 LOCATION Quartier Petite-Bourgogne, Montréal, Québec AREA 1500 pieds carrés  PROJETS SIMILAIRES RÉALISÉS OU EN COURS PAR NOTRE ÉQUIPE Our designers were tasked with modernizing this residence in the Little Burgundy neighbourhood of Montreal to the client’s tastes.. This included preserving the memories attached to this ’80s build while creating a more contemporary […]