Fotopoulos Residence





Quartier Petite-Bourgogne, Montréal, Québec


1500 pieds carrés 


Our designers were tasked with modernizing this residence in the Little Burgundy neighbourhood of Montreal to the client’s tastes.. This included preserving the memories attached to this ’80s build while creating a more contemporary interior.

The Value of Original Architectural in Interior Design

The Fotopoulos residence project is a point of pride for our firm. Materials painstakingly selectedby ourdesigners , diligent executionand realization , and meticulously selecteddecor and furnishings gave this, projecta unique character. The result is warm, elegant and perfectly aligned with the client’s vision.

When undertaking a renovation, it can be tempting to tear everything out and rebuild to achieve a modern, streamlined interior.. However, it is important to consider the value of the original architecture.. It can add personality and history to a space, in addition to preserving the precious memories that were created there.

A Contemporary Design Inspired by High-End Hotels

Lead designer, Frédric Clairoux, oriented his design around the concept of a high-end hotel while incorporating the client’s need to feel at home .

Along with general contractor ETM Construction, our team executed this concept by introducing chic, high-quality materials.

We were very mindful of circulation, perspectives and volume, as well as the client’s lifestyle.. The colour palette for the materials was grey and brown, with pops of colour.

We used stone , wallpaper , wood detailing and glass tohighlight the texture of the materials..

Using light, subtle colours, we placed volume and materials at the heart of our design.

Elevating the Space: A Collaboration Between Designer and Interior Decorator

Our interior decorator, Patrick Robichaud, then took the helm of the project’s furnishing and decor based on the initial concept. Working with the project designer, he selected furniture and accessories to harmonize with the subtle elegance of the space, using decor as a finishing touch Our firm

and designers were able to unleash their creativity in this magnificent project. Our client showed his trust in us by giving us free rein, which was a real treat!

Our team shines with designs where nothing is left to chance and every aspect and detail are meticulously thought out.