Du Tour Residence


Single-family Home




Laval, Quebec

Interior Designer Fredric Clairoux were entirely responsible for the high-end residential renovation of Du Tour Residence This midcentury family home in Laval has beenin the same family for several decades. Our designers were asked to preserve the soul of the house andthe memories attached to it, while modernizing the space and transforming it into a more contemporary interior.

A Contemporary Residence and Prairie-Style Influences

Taking our inspiration from the exterior’s prairie style, we created an understated and elegant design for this home, adding bucolic touches to create harmony with the exterior.

Working with architecture firm Open Form, we introduced natural wood and expanded the door and window openings on both floors to draw the eye to the nature and water outside. We paid special attention to circulation, perspectives and volumes, using light materials while preserving original elements such as the natural stone chimney to maintain the character of this family home.

For colours, we decided to move away from black and white, which has been a dominant trend in interior design of late. We opted for bright shades to showcase the volume and materials used in our design.

Patrick Robichaud, our decorator, stayed true to the initial visionwhen he took charge of the project’sfurnishing and decor. Along with the owner, he selected furniture and accessories that complement the refined and elegant space, adding decorative touches to elevate the design.

This magnificent project was an opportunity for our firm and designers to unleash their creativity.. We thank our client for his full confidence and the total liberty that he afforded us. Our team of interior designers provided its signature meticulously studied concept and careful attention to every aspect and detail.