O’Bryan Residence


Single-family Home


Antarès Rénovation


Notre-Dame-De-Grâce, Montreal, Québec


1830 sq. ft.




410 000$

A family of five lives in this mid-century home located in NDG. Our designers were tasked withadding rooms and preserving its history while modernizing the space into a more contemporary home.

Scandi-Influenced Contemporary Home

The design is centred around natural light to create a connection between the indoors and outdoors.

The teamused colour as a common thread between rooms. Our designers worked together to extend the view of the outdoors. We enlarged the door and window openings on the main floor to draw the eye to the garden.

We placed great importance on circulation , perspectives and volume, choosing light materials, while introducing two shades of green.

Texture was featured through the use of stone, wallpaper, woodworking and glass.

We chose light, subtle colours to showcase the volumes and materials in our design.

Creating a Refined Space: A Successful Collaboration

After therenovations,were complete, we focused on furnishinganddecorating the space to match the initial vision. Working with the owner , we selected the furniture and accessories to harmonize with the clean, refined space. The decoration was the finishing touch that elevated the design.

Our team was excited by the challenge of remodeling this mid-century family home into a contemporary space. The collaboration between our team and the owner was key to creating a refined and updated living area. We are thrilled by the outcome —a house transformed into a warm, modern home.