Lasalle Residence






Ville Lasalle, Montreal, Québec


150 000$

As the real estate market in Montreal grows increasingly competitive, More homeowners are choosing to stay put.. Updating and renovating are appealing alternatives, particularly for families in the LaSalle borough who want to stay in the neighbourhood while enjoying a more modern living space adapted to their lifestyle.

A Custom Design to Address Families’ Evolving Needs

As families’ needs change, they often need to update their home.. This was true in the LaSalle residence that we were asked to design and furnish.. The family’s little boy had grown into a teen , meaning that the property needed to be updated. His bedroom had been relocated to the basement, giving his parents more privacy on the upper floor. The teen boy could then enjoy a comfortable, quiet basement for work, play and relaxation.

Optimized Solutions for an Adapted Residence

With the rise of remote work andentrepreneurship, more and more people need a home office or a practical workspace.. This changes residential interior design needs. By working with the Clairoux team, the family in LaSalle ensured that their new living space was completely adapted and optimized to their lifestyle.

Transforming Small Rooms Into Comfortable Open Spaces

In the Lasalle Lasalle Residence, we were taskedwith opening up the space and transforming the existing small rooms into large, comfortable multifunctional spaces. The family was thrilled to be able to host larger groups without space constraints. We are particularly proud of the selection of colours and materials that created a modern and attractive space, making a definitive improvement to the home.. There’s no denying that this freshening-up is a great improvement for the residence.

Using Natural Light and Perspective

Our team focused on using natural light while highlighting perspective in the space. Natural light is attractive, makes rooms feel larger and boosts the mood of everyone who lives there.

It’s also important to analyze movement to enhance the homeowners’ daily routines. In this remodel the Clairoux team, led by Frédric Clairoux,guided the client, drew up the project plans and found solutions to various problems to deliver a result aligned with the client’s vision. The decision to open up existing rooms was a feat of engineering, but the team decided to install wooden beams as a solution. This turned out to be an excellent decision!

Clairoux is the ideal partner for projects big or small. You deserve the best, especially when it comesto your home.