Drake Residence




Antarès Rénovation


Côte Saint-Paul, Quebec, Canada


2400 sq. ft.




385 000$

An urban environment can be the perfect place to raise a family. Not only is there access to a wide variety of services and activities, but there are a range of grocery stores, shops, restaurants, parks, sports facilities, museums and theatres nearby— families of all sizes and ages are well served!. The many job opportunities add to the appeal of city life, along with proximity to the office and transportation options.

But many city-dwelling families run into a common problem: not enough living space. With the limitations stemming from urban density, homes sometimes need to be reconfigured to optimize functionality.. This was exactly what the Drake Residence owners had in mind.

Building on their expertise in major residential renovation projects, our team of designersoutdid themselves in creating acontemporaryandfunctionalspace for this family that wanted to convert their duplex in Côte-Saint-Paul into a single-family home..

A High-End Custom Renovation

After several years on the ground floor of this duplex in Montreal’s Sud-Ouest borough , ourour clients were faced with a major problem: there wasn’t enough space for their family of four.

We were tasked with converting this duplex into a single-family home and creating a well-thought-out space adapted to the family’s daily routine.. When undertaking a project of this scale, our clients knew that they needed a team with extensive experience in residential interior design. Their priority was maximizing their home’s living space.

Our team adjusted the preliminary plans drafted by an architect to meet the family’s needs.

When our clients decide to convert a duplex or triplex into a single-family home, we have to take a few things into consideration, including:

  • Layout;
  • Reconfiguration of entries and stairs (indoor and outdoor);
  • Permit requirements;
  • Types of trades required for the conversion (architect, technologist, general contractor);
  • And more.

The Stairwell: Ensuring Light and Fluid Movement

Without question, the core of the Drake Residence project was the stairwell.. In the morning,the whole family takes the stairs down to the kitchen, and at the end of the day, everyone goes back up to sleep in their bedrooms. Stairwells are all about movement. They set the tone for the day and should be aligned with the residents’ needs.

We installed skylights at the top of the stairwell to brighten up the entire space.. This created gorgeous natural light shining from the top floor down to the main floor and basement.

To preserve the home’s charm and warmth, our team and the clients decided to feature wood in the stairwell and in the main rooms.

A Beautiful, Functional Kitchen is the Heart of the Home

We also transformed the kitchen and two bathrooms as part of this major renovation.

Our kitchen designs are laid out for fluid movement and optimal storagewhere people will want to cook, eat and spend time together. The materials and colours selected are also key to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

We opted for a contemporary design with industrial undertones in this project. The two golden suspended light fixtures, carefully selected to harmonize with the faucet, hardware and wall lighting, elevate the entire space, creating a balanced contrast between warm accents and the cold colours of the modern-looking appliances.

We worked with our trusted partners to convert this duplex into a single-family home:

When you choose Clairoux to renovate your kitchen, we create a space that is not only stunning, but also functional and adapted to your family’s needs.. A well-designed kitchen improves a family’s quality of life by providing a welcoming space to prepare meals, eat and spend time together.

Bathrooms Customized to the Entire Family’s Needs

Our clientsgave us full creative control over several aspects of the project, including the bathrooms, so our team didn’t hold back.

We opted for an understated feel with masculine accents in the primary bathroom, with a design that’s at once classic and contemporary. The brick wall, which was original to the house, was painted black to add character and a modern accent.

We wanted to involve our clients’ children in design decisions regarding their space, so we created a colourful bathroom optimized to their needs. They also provided input on their respective bedrooms, ensuring that they feel comfortable in their new surroundings, with room to grow.

Throughout the project, our clients put a great level of trust in our team, which provided an ideal creative work environment for Clairoux.

When making decisions about design and layout, we believe in prioritizing the well-being of the family and children.

A Space that Reflects our Clients’ Personality

We aim to infuse our clients’ personalities into their spaces in all of our projects.

Anyone who enters the Drake Residencewill notice the personality of its occupants reflected in every detail.

As this professional couple spends a lot of time at home working remotely, they needed a comfortable home workspace.. With this in mind, we created spaces designed to promote fluid movement.

A well-thought-out design can make it easier to move around unencumbered, creating a more pleasant space for everyday living.. We takeergonomics of each room into consideration, prioritize storage to avoid clutter and ensure easy access to key furnishings (appliances, furniture, and more). It’s aninvestment that allows you to take full advantage of your home, in total comfort.

We worked closely with our clients to create a new living space that reflects their personality and addresses all their needs. Seeing this family happy in their updated home gives us a sense of accomplishment.

We’re proud to have created a home workspace for this professional couple, while ensuring a warm family home for them and their children. With more than 12 years’ experience in residential interior design, we were in our element throughout this project, which allowed great creativity and attention to detail.

Our firm is committed to creating ideal homes for families who want to live in the city. We’re eager to embark on new projects where we can craft exceptional living spaces that reflect our clients’ personalities.