Saint-Donat Residence


Single-family Home


Gilles Hamond


Saint-Donat, Quebec, Canada


1400 sq. ft.




Between $300,000 and $350,000

If you own a second residence, you know just how important it is to feel at home, even when you’re on vacation. That’s why we put so much of our passion and expertise into residential renovation projects like the Saint-Donat residence to help clients transform their second homes into sanctuaries of relaxation and comfort.

Scandinavian Architecture and Simple Interior Design

This wasn’t the first time the owners of the Saint-Donat residence worked with Clairoux.. We started in 2009 by renovating a small basement bathroom, then continued with a kitchen renovation in 2010, , ground-floor bathroom in 2012 and lastly, the terrace. This time, they brought us a unique challenge: to transform their second home in Saint-Donat, at the northern tip of Archambault Lake, into an oasis of comfort and relaxation.

The residence had a breathtaking southern view and around 100 metres of private beach, but was built in a wetland so we couldn’t expand the perimeter. Our only option was to bring the veranda inside the house and keep the current footprint.

We were enthusiastic about this challenge and started hammering out our concept for the renovation.. We worked directly with our clients to understand their needs, tastes and lifestyle to create a home that met their expectations.

With the goal of transforming vacation home into their primary residence, our job was to create a warm space where they could host their large family.

Using Natural and Local Materials to Create a Contemporary Ambiance

Because of our trusted relationship with our clients, we were able to offer a concept based on our contemporary inspirations.. Our main idea was to bring more natural light inside and work with light and soft textures.

We selected eastern white cedar, a local wood, for our colour palette and materials.. As exterior cladding, cedar develops a silver sheen over time, but keeps its blond colour inside. We used it both on the outside of the building and for interior structural elements like the stairs, central beam and living room ceiling.

To ensure visual consistency between the exterior and interior, we chose porcelain tile to mirror the summer beach and winter snow. The heated flooring’s bright white tiles also reflect the sunlight that streams into the space.

We chose green glass accents inspired by the surrounding conifers—a way to incorporate them into our built environment. his green glass brought pops of colour into the space. We primarily used clear glass in living areas to enhance brightness and transparency.

And that’s not the last we’ll see of these clients!

The family wants to expand their living space by transforming their attic into a sleeping loft.. While this conversion was part of the original plans, the homeowners don’t need the space yet and may come back to the idea over the coming years.