YUL Luxury Condos

No matter their location, all major real estate projects face the same challenge: ensuring effective and error-free project management. This step can make the difference between a profit or a loss, and between satisfied or bitter clients. Over the years, Clairoux has established itself as a leader in condo construction project management. When Brivia Group called on Clairoux for support in the YUL project, our firm assumed the role of project manager.


TYPE OF REAL ESTATE PROJECT Residential tower LOCATION Downtown, Montreal, Quebec AREA Units from 364 to 1 130sq.ft. Types : Studio, 1-2-3 bedrooms NUMBER OF UNITS 176 DATE 2018 When Clairoux took on the Stanbrooke interior design project, the firm and its founder Frédric Clairoux rose to the challenge of laying out the trendsetting units […]

Club Marin

TYPE OF REAL ESTATE PROJECT Residential Tower LOCATION Nuns’ Island, Montreal, Quebec NUMBER OF UNITS 138 RENOVATION DATE 2020 Groupe Proment, a prominent Nuns’ Island developer, built Club Marin in the early ’90s.. One of the area’s biggest buildings, it provides a breathtaking view of Montreal, the river, the lake and wooded areas on Nuns’ […]