Residential tower


Downtown, Montreal, Quebec


Units from 364 to 1 130sq.ft. Types : Studio, 1-2-3 bedrooms





When Clairoux took on the Stanbrooke interior design project, the firm and its founder Frédric Clairoux rose to the challenge of laying out the trendsetting units to ensure the optimal use of available space.

Space Optimization

In a world where the cost of downtown properties in major cities continues to rise, real estate developers are looking to maximize liveable space, even in the tightest quarters.

In the chic and elegant Stanbrooke condos, Brivia Group and Gansu Tianqing Real Estate asked our real estate design office to use its creativity, expertise and professionalism to meet this challenge.

The teams of Frédric Clairoux and Marco Manini architecte worked in synergy to deliver a novel and trendsetting final product. The Clairoux team was involved in every step of the project, from drafting the initial plans to furnishing the units.

Along with Mario Manini, we wanted to create a future-proof project with timeless allure that never goes out of style.”

By choosing a cutting-edge style and focusing on both quality materials and next-generation integrated tech solutions, we developed a design that makes full use of technology.

Our design concept uses a human-centred approach to state-of-the-art technology to improve the quality of life for occupants.

A Customized Lifestyle Through Technology

The 176 units in the Stanbrooke building were designed with millennials in mind, as this generation prioritizes unique experiences and has woven technology into their daily life.

To attract these first-time buyers to the trendy property, Frédric Clairoux’s team carefully leveraged technology to create an environment that offers an enhanced lifestyle to residents as soon as they enter the building.

In the lobby, for example, residents can immediately connect to the building’s WI-FI system.

There are also screens placed prominently in key locations in the building to showcase events and activities in the city.

No Detail Left to Chance

The studio, condo and loft layouts optimize every inch of space while maintaining a sense of unity.

Units are all semi-furnished to harmonize the :

  • kitchen ;
  • laundry room ;
  • bathroom .

Kitchen appliances and furnishings are seamlessly integrated to ensure clean lines and a sense of openness.

What’s more, the large windows provide ample natural light and a view of the city, with the changing seasons as a backdrop.

These one-of-a-kind units offer timeless design that makes the most of every square inch.

Creating a Sense of Community

A sense of community emerges organically in this project where every detail has been aligned with the millennial lifestyle, where multitasking is an integral part of daily life.

The lobby and the rooftop lounge are extensions of the living space. They offer a sense of community and provide a balance between private and shared spaces.

Residents can use the rooftop lounge to:

  • project movies onto a wall
  • cook outdoors
  • work or study
  • meet up with friends

These spaces give residents a place where they can get together, study, work or hold events, in line with their pace of life.

The building is also fully compatible with Amazon Alexa,which each resident can use to enhance their daily life. Residents can book an exercise class, order a latte from the barista-in-residence or schedule a housekeeping service directly from their smartphone.

Global Inspiration

The Clairoux team looked to Europe for inspiration for the space-saving aspects of the design. In a departure from North American standards, the bathrooms are scaled down to optimize storage and prioritize living spaces.

In this ambitious project, the Clairoux design team also found inspiration in Asia, while preserving Montreal’s distinct identity, where people’s moods are affected by the changing seasons. This led to the idea to integrate chromotherapy (using the properties of coloured light for wellbeing).

The backsplashes in the bathrooms emit diffuse light into the units.

This light is diffused throughout the common areas and condos to set the mood and calm the mind. The common areas (entry, hallways, lobby) are illuminated by a programmable chromotherapy system.

When the weather is gloomy, an arrangement of warm lights creates a cozy ambiance in the common areas. But on clear days, the interior lighting adapts and radiates cool light.

Home Automation: Total Convenience

Home automation is integral to each unit’s design.. It’s a smart way to enhance the living space using physics, electronics, computing and telecommunications.

It offers centralized control over the systems to ensure optimal comfort (heating, acoustics, appliances and security). The units make full use of this connected comfort, where residents can control brightness, heat and doors effortlessly.