Patrick and Méo

Patrick is the self-taught artist and creative at our studio. As a decorator, he brings joy to our clients’ interiors. Because a home needs to be comfortable, calming and positive, he strives to decorate and bring harmony into our active and stressful lives.

Patrick’s unique career path started out at fashion school before pivoting to interior design and decorating. An art and decoration enthusiast who loves working with his hands, his years as a painter and decorator gave him the opportunity to visit and analyze many home interiors. He eventually started helping residents adopt new approaches to decor, furnishing and colour in their homes. He then went on to become a master stained glass artist. His reputation as a stained glass artist led him to work with a number of interior designers and a range of clients in Westmount, Outremont, TMR, Nun’s Island and more.

Over 20 Years’ Decorating Experience

Patrick loves a challenge, which is why, after mastering stained glass and painting, he took the next logical step into the world of decorating. He stays on top of trends, technology and style, which ensures that he is never bored and learns a bit more every day.

A specialized contractor licensed by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, Patrick has worked on many interior renovations and has a deep understanding of what goes into a construction project. Residential design is his specialty. A trend and style aficionado, he continues to operate his own business designing and creating stained glass in addition to his work at Clairoux. He brought his more than 20 years of decorating experience to the Clairoux team five years ago to enhance the quality of our finished interiors.

His role in the company extends to providing residential clients with ongoing support. After renovation projects are complete, Patrick maintains a long-term relationship and makes any tweaks that might be requested. Patrick has also spearheaded the design of model homes and condos for Clairoux real estate such as District Griffin, Les habitations Roussillon and Faubourg Contre-cœur.

Fun and creative, he never hesitates to spend hours with his clients refining their interiors and choosing the right pieces and accessories. His keen eye knows when to adjust placement and colour to create a warm interior that reflects the owner’s personality. Whether he’s furnishing an entire single-family home or decorating a single room, he selects each product with the utmost care to create a unique interior.