Fredric Clairoux is a born designer. Driven to create by an intuitive passion for interior design, particularly in real estate development, it didn’t take long for him to home in on a career path.

He specialized early on in the design of new interiors, furnishing and renovation. His goal is to ensure that the rooms he designs are always harmonious, uniting form and function. After getting his start with renowned firms in Canada and the US, he founded his own interior design firm, Clairoux, just a decade ago,

as a platform for his creativity. From residential to real estate, commercial and corporate design, the studio has developed its versatility through the experience of its founder and various collaborators.

With a seasoned studio and an impressive network of suppliers and partners, Fredric Clairoux decided to focus almost exclusively on business development, large-scale projects and high-end residential design (developed under the Clairoux brand). As a good entrepreneur, he’s involved in every project, advising his team of seasoned designers and diving head first into each project as if it were his own.

His approach to design is influenced by a range of styles and trends. Drawing on his early career in the UK, he blends classic elements with an international contemporary and elegant style. His designs focus on volume, perspective and the integration of natural light. With a preference for raw materials, he likes to play with wood, marble and pops of colour. But his goal remains the same: to create impeccably designed, functional interiors that stand the test of time.

Fredric is a good communicator who’s always happy to talk to clients about their design projects and needs.