Place Carmin Project

A Charming Revisited Bistro Experience




Mélanie Blanchette et François Nadon


Les deux marteaux


Quartier international, Centre-Ville de MontrEal

Renovation Date


After Bouillon Bilk and Cadet, Place Carmin is the third estaurant opened by Mélanie Blanchet and François Nadon. It’s an updated version of a traditional French bistro.

For this commercial project, Clairoux was tasked with designing a new elegant and spacious restaurant with a welcoming, warm and bright atmosphere. The clients wanted to create a new space that feels modern and stands out with unique design.. Our designers proposed a contemporary, refined and curated design where wood, natural light and a specific colour palette brought the project to life.There’s a vibrant mix light coloured wood and a blend of brass, brick and concrete. When it comes to furniturethe designers opted for curved chairs with vividly coloured leather and faux leather upholstery. Just imagine the ambiance!

Creating Spaces With Bold Accents

In the heart of the International District, an area with a significant business clientele, there was a high demand for a restaurant that could accommodate groups.. Around 100 seats are spread out in the venue’s different areas defined by their ambiance. The bar has a more festive atmosphere while the bistro is more intimate. There’s also a section for groups that can be rented out for private and corporate functions.

A Collaborative and Artistic Effort

This project was the result of a collaboration between passionate restaurateurs, local creatives and a huge team. Thanks to the talented team and enthusiastic contributors, Place Carmin was acollaborative and artistic effort. Clairoux and its contributors used every detail, from the restaurant’s unique wallpaper to the lighting, to create a simple, original and innovative space. Mélanie Blanchetteowner, was in charge of crafting the dining experience. Fany Jane, a tattoo artist, designed the neon sculptures featured in the restaurant. Esther Pichette, custom wallpaper creator, oversaw wall decor. Maude Rondeau created the light fixtures..

Function and Everyday Use

This project had many challenges that our design team handled with great success. With the kitchen in the basement and a choppy layout, circulation was complicated. To create a more pleasant work environment for employees, we had to reconfigureand move spaces around to make them more functional. Our firm worked diligently on the space’s function and everyday use while developing a concept that’s at once bold and classic. In this building with significant square footage, Clairoux had the opportunity to fully express itself.


Clairoux’s interior designers took the Place Carmin project as an opportunity to unleash their creativity.. Frédric Clairoux, the project’s lead designer, views this experience as solidifying the firm’s skills in the food service industry.