Sophie is a true maestro of logistics, orchestrating every aspect of a project with extraordinary skill. She’s able to coordinate multiple large-scale projects and manage purchases and inventory while maintaining positive supplier relationships so that each residential, commercial and real estate project is executed flawlessly from design to completion.

Sophie holds the same title at Clairoux’s sister company Prêt à vivre, overseeing all logistical operations for furnishing each condo unit to create harmonious and functional spaces for urban living.

Mobilizing Resources to Reach our Targets

Sophie is skilled at finding efficient and quick solutions to unexpected obstacles. When confronted with challenges during project planning and delivery, she remains cool and focused, actively searching for alternatives and mobilizing the resources required to reach our targets. Her responsiveness and drive are precious assets that serve each member of our team, who can count on her to ensure the success of even the most complex projects.

Deeply devoted to the company, Sophie enjoys the independence she is afforded by the firm as well as its willingness to optimize processes to better serve employees and clients.

Growing up in a family of contractors, Sophie was exposed to the construction industry from a young age. For Sophie, there’s no such thing as limited capacity. Versatile and hands-on, she’s always ready to learn new things. With a bachelor’s degree in environmental design, Sophie is well versed in the world of interior design.

With her project management and environmental design skills, Sophie directly contributes to Clairoux’s inspiring mission to design spaces that promote well-being and harmony.