Thanks to Elisabeth, our creatives can focus on creating. A great visionary and core pillar within the organization, she helps realize Clairoux’s dreams and goals by establishing measurable objectives and by leading the firm’s strategic direction, decision making and operational management. She ensures performance, quality deliverables and client satisfaction.

With over 20 years’ experience in operational management in the financial sector, Elisabeth was attracted to Clairoux’s exciting opportunities and organizational mission, leading her to join the team as managing director in August 2022.

Strategic Development for Sustainable Success

With a strategic approach, Elisabeth is adept at setting short-, medium- and long-term objectives and implementing action plans to keep the company on target. Drawing on her educational background in entrepreneurship and business administration, she ensures the company’s ongoing expansion. Elisabeth also has an artistic flair, which gives her insight into the everyday realities of the interior design team so she can provide positive and concrete support and encouragement.

Thrilled to contribute to the company’s inspiring mission—to design spaces that promote well-being and harmonyElisabeth knows that a company needs a solid foundation in order to make such an important mission a reality. Always a fan of teamwork, she’s always proud when she sees the end result of Clairoux projects.

Going forward, Elisabeth wants to make an even greater contribution to the company’s expansion. She also looks forward to optimizing the strategy and organization of the turnkey furnishing service provided by Prêt à vivre, Clairoux’s sister company.