Saint-Laurent Penthouse


Complete layout of a high-end condo








1600 ft²


Approximately $350,000

As part ofthe‎ full overhaul of a high-end condo in Lum Pur Fleuve in Brossard, our team modified the preliminary plans, , selected materials, finishes and high-end products. The goal was to increase the property value and create a unique design..

Using Materials to Increase Property Value

The modification of materials in the context of a penthouse built to plan can be complex and requires careful careful planningplanning, expertise in high-end interior design and an understanding of technical and financial constraints. Our clients were relieved to have our skilled team guide them through the transformation of their condo into a beautiful and personalized space that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

Materials can have a big impact on the value of a property.. Clairoux supports its clients with their selections of high-end finishes such as marble or granite countertops, customized cabinets, superior flooring and appliances to enhance the appearance and function of their space.

Creating a Luxurious Space

By improving a high-end penthouse, you can transform a simple condo into a truly refined and show-stopping space. With a a team of renovation and interior design professionals like Clairouxhomeowners can create a unique, personalized space that reflects their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Renovating a penthouse is a chance to completely reimagine a space according to the owner’s vision, which is what our client did in this Lum Pur Fleuve project.

Our team can reconfigure layouts, modify bulkhead and openings, create new storage spaces, as well as select high-end materials for flooring, walls and ceilings..

Thechoice of colorsof textures and finishes are also important in creating a luxurious space. Our designers help owners select the elements best suited to their lifestyle and personality while creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in each room.

A Trusted Partner

Our customer is now in her third third collaboration with the Clairoux team.. This loyalty is a testament to the quality work provided by our team and to our clients’ satisfaction.

Our firm has unrivalled expertise in high-end residential high-end residential interior designOur expertise in high-end residential interior design is unrivalled, enabling us to create functional, aesthetically pleasing spaces that meet the individual needs and preferences of our customers.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences and to offer themcustomized design solutions that reflect their lifestyle and unique personality.

Because of this expertise and approach, we have many repeat clients who hire us for their new projects.

Exclusive Products and Collaborators

We choose our partners for our interior design, renovation and furnishing projects based on our clients’ needs and budget. For high-end projects, we work with a solid team with a proven ability to exceed client expectations.

For the Penthouse on the St. Lawrence, we called on:

  • Steam for high-end appliances.

The participation of Clairoux in this high-end penthouse renovation allowed us to further refine the guiding of our firm’s.. It was an exciting and extremely instructive challenge in terms of design.

The success of this project depends on our ability to adapt to our customer’s vision while respecting our own style and expertise in high-end high-end interior design. With close collaboration and attention to detail, we created a space that is both functional and attractive while delivering just what the client wanted. This project was an enriching experience for our team, which added new skills to its interior design know-how.