Rideau University Residence


University Residence


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Our design of the Rideau University Residence at the University of Ottawa in Ontario was a real challenge for our firm.. We were tasked with transforming an old hotel into a superb student residence.. We had to keep a large part of the existing structure while customizing it to a younger clientele. It was a long project, but the final result was worth it!

Converting a Hotel Into a Student Residence

Modern student residences are increasingly focused on community and knowledge sharing, and need to be continually adapted to offer new spatial configurations to residents. We included student residence conversion in our hotel development plan to respond to this growing demand.

From Reception to Common Area

For phase 1 of this project, we had to work on a tight deadline because the owner wanted to open the establishment for the summer. Phase 2 involved creating a collaborative common area on the building’s ground floor. We built on our experience from our Espace 3C and Co-working 6cent1 projects—two stimulating and collaborative co-working spaces.

Our team was able to leverage their experience in real estate development to other areas of expertise that are just as complex. We’re no strangers to building up.

A Lobby Integrating the Lounge, Kitchen and Common Areas

Our lobby design started with integrating different features like the ground floor lounge, kitchen and common areas. We were also involved with creating the project’s brand identity and graphic design from the beginning. Lastly, we drafted technical plans and selected materials, products and furniture for the project.

The timeless decor and layout were carefully catered to a young, student clientele.