Laurent Clark Condo





Surface Area

+/- 1300 sq. ft.


Approximately $300,000

Renovation Date


When you buy a new on-plan condo like our clients did, it can be hard to make it your own. The developer often selects the materials and finishes.

We know just how important it is for our clients to feel at home in their condos.. That’s why our upscale interior design services help cultivate distinctive spaces that perfectly reflect each client’s aesthetic. Whether you want to maximize your living space, add special features, increase your property’s value or enhance finishes,we can support you throughout the condo personalization process. With our expertise and skills, we can transform a standard condo into a luxury living space that stands out from other building units.

Superior Quality Products for a High-End Penthouse

For this project, we decided to work with trusted quality partners:

  • Poliform for dining room furnishings ;
  • Minotti for living room furnishings ;

From the moment you set foot in the dining room, it’s impossible not to set eyes on the magnificent light fixture by Marset. This impressive piece of art is made from polycarbonate, giving it the appearance of blown glass thanks to its translucency.

The wallpaper Moooi, which starts in the entrance and ends in the bathroom is a true work of art. The striking images of wildlife evoke a sense of wonder as soon as you enter the condo. The wallpaper is called wallpaper is called The Menagerie of Extinct Animals and contains 10 endangered animals hidden in its pattern.

Harmonizing the Architecture and the Panoramic View

When we worked on this penthouse renovation,it was important for us to respect the building’s original architecture. As a result, we looked for decorative elements that evoked the building’s features and the impressive view of the city. We created a consistent design andharmonioususingmaterials and colors that blend in perfectly with the urban environment.

We’ve also added some personal and unique touches, using accessories and works of art that reflect our customer’s personalities and tastes. The final result: a condo that’s at once functional, elegant and harmonizes with the skyline.

A Flexible Design Team: Creating Exclusive Spaces

While our style typically focuses on bright and airy spaces,we were excited to work with this client, who has a preference for darker, more masculine design.. We relished the opportunity to step outside of our comfort zone and take on the challenge to deliver the client’s desired outcome.

This experience gave us the opportunity to show our flexibility and ability to adapt to each client’s specific desires. The final result was a customized space compatible with our client’s individual style and preferences. We’re proud to create tailored designs that are both aesthetic and functional.


In conclusion, buying a new condo can sometimes limit personalization space to suit the owner’s tastes and needs. Clairoux offers high-end renovation services for owners of occupied condos who wish to create a unique space that perfectly meets their expectations.

We did just that in the Laurent & Clark project, adapting a penthouse to our clients’ specifications while increasing the value of their property by creating a sophisticated environment.. We worked with trusted partners to source quality products like furnishings from Poliform and Minotti, decoration from Jonathan Adler and light fixtures from Marset and Au Courant Luminaires. Our team of designers is flexible and able to respond to each client’s personalization requests while honouring the building’s original architecture.