Clairoux Project


Office space


Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Our designers work in a calm, inspiring and harmonious setting. Neutral and casual, our workspace features colour and texture, incorporating inspiration and project sketches to stimulate our team.

Understated Design for a Creative and Dynamic Ambiance

Our studio comes to life with each new project.. Both in the showroom and in our production area, we opted for clean design with a white background. This way, our team can reinvent itself with each new project.

By adopting a scaled-back design, we also created a dynamic work environment where our teams can hammer out ideas and innovate. This makes the production studio more dynamic and interesting for the team and visitors. It cultivates vitality, adaptability and creativity.

The Relationship Between Surroundings and Creativity

Creativity is strongly influenced by our environment. Amid too much noise, stress or disorganization, it can be difficult to concentrate and create. On the other hand, calm, creative and harmonious surroundings can free up the imagination and boost productivity.

With its combination of neutral decor and casual atmosphere, our workspace was designed to foster creativity. Without too much visual clutter, our designers can focus on what is most important—creating. The casual atmosphere lets our employees feel comfortable and relaxed , which encourages productivity.

Integrating Nature Into the Work Environment

At Clairoux, we integrated biophilic design into our workspace. This concept is key to our philosophy, both for our team and our clients. We believe that it contributes to a harmonious and inspiring setting for our designers.

Our workspace contributes to the quality of our work and our clients’ satisfaction. We never stop looking for new ways to boost our creativity through our surroundings and offer our team an optimal work setting.